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What Did You Ship?

Seth Godin, speaker, entrepreneur and best-selling author posts his list of what he ‘shipped’ in 2010 and encourages you to do the same…just ’cuz it’s fun to acknowledge what you’ve done!

Check out my list here and feel free to post your own.

A first glimpse at 2010 for me reveals some outstanding failures..projects that didn’t take flight, plans that were never implemented, partnerships that didn’t work out. Much can be learned from failure and in fact Peter Drucker fingers failure as one of the opportunities for innovation.

Much can also be gained from looking at what worked, and if I want to feel good about 2010 rather than the alternative I need to also look at that.

Three things worked very well last year…serving my clients, raising my boys, and recruiting an advisory council.

Evidence that serving my clients worked is that out of the 20-something people I am currently coaching, most of their lists are longer and more impressive than mine. With their permission, I’ll share just a few of their highlights here.

BTW I don’t take credit for their accomplishments because it had nothing to do with me. Simply having someone (it could have been anyone) to support, challenge them and be a mirror for their potential brought into high performance.

All of them say that what worked in helping to accomplish so much was the willingness to go into the unknown…to try new things, strategic experiments where ‘happy accidents’ (as my dad calls them) can occur. Stepping out of the black and white and into the world of color worked.

Emily Crawford:

-rated one of the top 5 salespeople of the year for her real estate company,

-more than doubled her income since last year (over $5 million worth of real estate sold),

-started a new relationship with a man perfectly suited to her,

-performed for the first time onstage at a Blues Jam in NYC with her new man

-purchased tickets for her trip to Paris this spring.


Marnie Colehour:

-started new relationship with kind, generous man who adores her,

-launched her business ‘Shopgirlz’ (shopping with, fitting and selling clothes to women)

-immediately generated paying clients (even without an official website or even business cards!),

-gave a promotional event raising money for her brother’s medical care by recruiting friends and family members to help,

-forged new alliance with her ex-husband and father of her children.


Mardi Wareham:

-launched youtube campaign to promote her business www.singingtelegramsofaustin.com,

-increased her sales from between 3 and 4/month, to 5/week,

-started performing regularly,

-implemented new projects with the company she works at that bring excitement and value to the table (leadership conferences and a music program to name a few).

-created a new character and started giving singing telegrams as the new character (see it here for a laugh).


Stacy Wellborn (www.wellbornideas.com):

-awarded ’40 under 40’ business person of the year in Mobile, AL,

-grew her business from one-woman-band to team of 5 (and already signed 4 new clients this month!),

-lead the first enrichment retreat for her team,

-bought a home.


My List:

-coached more than 30 people in my individual practice

-visited 11 cities

-lead 8 communication trainings to organizations/companies that wanted to improve people skills

-earned money doing what I love!

-moved to new office

-delivered 12 seminars/workshops on the following topics: communication, entrepreneurship and sales & marketing

-started tweeting, published over 200 tweets

-started blogging

-completed phase 1 of branding project (new look to website, shot new videos for web site, speaker reel, etc.)

-supported starbucks and other local coffee shops with my caffeine addiction

-joined gym, started working out again

-settled a major debt

-helped my boys find a sport/activity that they enjoy (gymnastics)

What I also did well, and the evidence here is not so easy to measure, is be a good mom. A big part of what I did right was getting out-of-the-way. Many times my role was to simply let the boys play, make mistakes, fight with each other (they have the scars and black eyes to prove it!) and feel the consequences of each action.

I also had to sometimes step in and bend people to my will in order to ensure the boys were in the proper environment for their learning and growth (that’s a longer story!). Suffice it to say what I did right was not doing too much, and stepping in with  discipline only when it was needed (more often delivering consequences rather than punishment) and having fun with them.

Developing an advisory council also worked last year. During the failures it was talking with those advisors that helped me pick up the pieces and move on. Cultivating mentor relationships is what has made the difference between feeling supported and not feeling supported, wanting to quit and not wanting to quit. It’s been crucial to have those people to turn to. Not going to mention names, but you know who you are, thank you!

What’s on your list?

4 responses to “What Did You Ship?

  1. Christine Watson January 17, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    Dana, I love this! Still trying to figure out how to do it on my blog and pass it along. Congrats on all your accomplishments!

  2. Dana Minney January 17, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Thanks, Christine! Big congrats to you as well for what you accomplished with Be the Change Academy (http://www.bethechangeacademy.com/).

  3. Christine Watson January 18, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    I got my list posted on my blog and put a link to your website. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

  4. Sylvester January 23, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    This is what I shipped in 2010: 22 new Clients, 50 Videos produced, designed 10 Websites, 5 Blogposts, 300 Tweets, designed 3 Facebook Pages, 146 Tumble Posts, created 1 photo book, read first Harry Potter book to my boys, travelled 3 times to Austin.

    After I counted everything I was surprised how much it was. Often we underestimate how much we are able to ship. From now on I check more often how much I really ship. It makes me feel good!

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