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Sharpening Your Saw…Summer Reading List (Non-Fiction)

A parable I read recently describes two woodcutters: Woodcutter A cuts wood all day. Woodcutter B keeps stopping and sitting down. At the end of the day, Woodcutter B has three times more wood than woodcutter A. Woodcutter A asks: “How could that happen? You were resting all day!” Wooductter B says: “I wasn’t resting. I was sharpening my saw.” Lesson: Take time to sharpen your skills, your tools and your resources and recharge your batteries, and you’ll get more results.


For ideas on how to recharge and sharpen your saw, here are some Summer Non-Fiction Reading Recommendations:


1-“A Whole New Mind”, Daniel Pink


Wow! A very cool read…if you are right-brain dominant (highly empathetic and creative) you will love hearing how to leverage your strengths in the new economy. If you are left-brain dominant (rational, analytical and goal-oriented), here are some exercises to strengthen and activate the other parts of your brain…so you won’t be left behind in the future.

2-“The Ultimate Sales Machine”, Chet Holmes


The best book on building a selling organization. Engaging writing style, real-world successful author and great steps.

3-“Loving What Is”, Byron Katie

Tools to help you see how you are torturing yourself by how you think and try to control others…and how you manage your expectations of yourself and others.

4-“The Four Agreements”, Don Miguel Ruiz


This wonderful book gives rules to live by for emotional health and happiness and a bar to set for those around you to live by.

5-“The Loved Dog”, Tamar Geller

A unique approach to dog-training that gives powerful insight into what motivates people to trust and perform…just substitute the word ‘person’ each time you see the word ‘dog’ 😉

If you follow Seth Godin, he is full of inspiring, real-life examples and messages on how to improve your business. Here is a link to his book list for summer reading:




Happy Sharpening!


Please send your suggestions of books you’ve enjoyed/learned from as well!

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