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What is Your True Calling?

“Coaching has had tremendous impact on my current happiness,” says Emily Crawford, from her newly purchased New York City apartment. “I consider it a formula for happiness and I bring a coaching approach to every relationship, every connection, every business interaction…even to the way I talk to myself!”

Emily and I started working together in the fall of 2008. She attended a beach retreat a colleague and I lead on coaching and communication. “I cried on the way down to the retreat because I was in so much pain…and I cried on the way home because I was so relieved and so happy to have a new approach, new tools.”

Four years later, Emily has continued her coaching education, (ie. enrolling in Sage University, hiring me for individual coaching, attending various workshops like the Business Incubator, and even going to Spain to the Sage University headquarters to work directly with Martin and Mia Sage.

In that time, Emily has continued to follow and cultivate her vitality, formed deeper connections with those around her, increased her sales in her real estate business, found the love of her life, and moved to a new city.

A new life has unfolded before her very eyes.

“I never thought I would leave Austin,” she says. “And I thought I was already living my dream!” But after becoming one of the top-earning agents in her firm in Austin at UrbanSpace Realtors, meeting the perfect partner and having the opportunity to live her dream, (playing alongside him as the leader in a rock band), she couldn’t resist the invitation to move to NYC.

She realized her true calling awaited her.

Now, she and Eli Apollo are happily co-habitating in their new place, she has already aced the NYC real estate exam and been invited onboard one of NYC’s leading real estate agencies, The Corcoran Group.

She and Eli perform weekly either at their rehearsal space or at the NYC Blues Jam. And, Emily recently started a ‘Feel-Good Mondays’ coaching club with some new acquaintances who are curious about her secret to success and happiness.

“I’ve shared everything I learned about coaching with my partner Eli and the part he loves the best is to make everything a game. Now, he considers it his job to create games and make things fun and challenging for us. We are having a blast!”

If you are curious about an aspect of yourself that is unexpressed, or an aspect of life that is as yet unlived, coaching might be a fit for you! There are many fine coaches in Austin, if you are curious, please email me for your free ‘mini-coaching’ session to see if I am the right coach for you. If not, I am happy to make a referral.

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