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If you can DREAM it…you can SELL it!!

“As your dream dawns…clues will emerge. They won’t look like clues, though, because they will seem impossible!” Martin Sage in Find Your True Calling last weekend.


Over the next two days of the seminar, over 25 people gathered, explored and were prompted to collect their clues. Martin likened the process to gathering pieces of a complex puzzle. Your puzzle is made up of the things that bring out your aliveness, get your juices flowing and bring a state of ease into your mind, heart and body.


Since most of the participants had never been encouraged to explore in this way before, the puzzle pieces that emerged (and the way they emerged) were sometimes shocking!


One woman stood up and said, “I’ve got a book in me but I never got started because I knew I needed a team. Now when I look around the room I see there is an agent here, an illustrator, a writing coach…all the pieces are coming together! Now I can’t wait to get started!”


Another man said he was so tired of his job he was just about to tell all his customers to take a hike…he knew he needed to make some career changes in order to start living his dream. “I just don’t know what I want to do though,” he said.


As he was talking several people noticed his face and body movements were very animated and comical.


“Clearly, performing is one of the pieces of your puzzle,” Martin observed. Several others agreed.


“He could do a call-in show like ‘Car Talk’ on NPR!” one of the other participants called out. “Yeah, he is so funny, and Jim could be his partner because he is also a comedian and he is a computer guy too!”


Soon there was a volunteer to set up the microphones, audio and visual components of the show…not to mention a built-in audience of people who were ready and waiting for the first episode.


These are just a few of how you begin to live the life of your dreams. Start with gathering clues…ask your friends and family what they see in you. One participant said she asked her husband, “When was I the most happiest that you’ve seen me? What was I doing?” The answer surprised her. But she knew it was true. And she knew that whatever she did as her project, she needed to be sure that this new piece was bundled in with the others.


My first coach was a woman named Tonya Courtney. She was a great coach because she kicked me right into action. Without action, there is no learning, and therefore no platform for coaching!


She came to my house one day and saw pile after pile and frame after frame of collages I had made (it was an old hobby of mine).


“You should do a collage workshop as a project,” she said.


“Who would come to that?” I asked incredulously, “and who would PAY for that even if they did come?”


“I would,” she said. “And I would bring clients.” Well, my competitive nature kicked in and I said to myself, “I will heed this challenge!” I set a date, found a workshop location, made fliers and started inviting people.


About two months later, I had completed my first collage workshop. I had ten participants and made several hundred dollars. True to her word, Tonya came and brought several clients with her.


“You looked so happy up there when you were teaching…just like a little girl!” After that, I was hooked on entrepreneurship. While $200 was not enough to live on, it sure was the most fun I’d ever had earning money. I wanted more (fun AND money)!


After that I pursued other avenues of earning income, incorporating my broadcast journalism background and doing video projects for local non-profits and even producing special segments at the TV station I wrote for.


For over a year I did various experiments in entrepreneurship. In that time I learned so much! More than I could ever learn from any book, lecture or college. I learned by doing. I learned selling by selling. I learned facilitating by facilitating. I learned producing by producing.


Finally, I could not take it anymore and demanded Tonya introduce me to her mentor, Martin Sage. Well that was the missing piece. Once I saw his method of coaching in action and found out that I could learn to do what he did, and make a business out of it, I quit my job and started my business.


That was over 10 years ago. I am so grateful for having worked with great coaches like Martin Sage, where I learned leadership and accountability, sales and project management. I learned not just to think big, but to be big.


If you have a dream and know some pieces of your puzzle, consider joining the 10-week Salesmanship Incubator: The Art of Selling. What good is having a dream if you cannot earn money with it? Doing the wrong job just for the money causes pain. You CAN do what you love and earn the money you need.


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