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Smart Women Listen

When Women Don’t Listen…It Costs us Money!


More and more women are realizing they have dreams, goals and ambition in business. Whether it is developing a side hobby into a business, advancing in a career, or getting an education to open doors in the workplace, women are hungrier than ever to earn and achieve.


Unfortunately, most resources designed to assist women get ahead tailor their message to a male audience. It usually boils down to men telling women how to succeed in business. The problem is that women don’t listen…to men that is. At an unconscious level, women either tune out or invalidate what men say when they give advice.


Results of a recent study that measured how much a message on health behavior impacted women showed that women were highly influenced by advice coming from a woman. The same message when delivered by a man had little to no influence on them and their subsequent behavior.


Until women decide to start listening to men, it’s clear many women will need to hear from other women how to be successful in business. Resources such as the Texas Conference for Women and Austin Woman Magazine provide a forum for successful women to share tips. But not enough women are taking advantage of opportunities such as this…and not enough successful women are sharing their real success stories.


If you are woman curious about getting up close and personal, and by that I mean having one-on-one conversations with women who have maintained their femininity, self-respect, and worked hand-in-hand with teams of men and women to become successful, come to the Global Women’s Entrepreneur Network. Previously only offered in Europe, this is one conference where you will really get to feel the magnetic attraction of internationally successful women business-owners.


Our main speaker is Mandy Cavanaugh, owner of Team Housing  Solutions. Mandy is not only successful at building a worldwide corporate housing company, she is also dedicated to coaching other entrepreneurs into high performance. This combination equips her perfectly to share her experience and knowledge in such a way as to benefit each and every attendee, personally.



To learn more about G.W.E.N., please come to a Business Women’s Brunch and G.W.E.N. intro (see below) or visit the website by clicking here.



And ladies, contrary to what the research shows, I think most of us at some level really want the best information, no matter where it comes from.




Women who don’t want to listen to men have two choices. Either wait until men learn to speak our language before deciding to start listening. Or, just go ahead and start listening now! Trust me, there’s some good stuff out there!! (see below) and, many men who really want to help.





Take a look at these books…they are definitely worth a look:

“What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business: Opening Up the Heavily Guarded Alpha Male Playbook”

by Christopher Flett


-“Act Like a Lady and Think Like a Man”

by Steve Garvey


…and the soon-to-be-released:


“The Gorilla and the Geisha” by Martin and Mia Sage



Enjoy!! And let me know if you have recommendations!



One response to “Smart Women Listen

  1. Koreena September 18, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    My husband motioned this movie, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Honestly, I thought it was going to be some cliché love story. Boy was I wrong! I loved this movie. This movie revealed so many tools that women have, and well we don’t use!

    If you give a man a cookie he will starve, but if you teach a man how to bake, he will never go hungry! That is what I say.

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