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Money and Pleasure Come Through Harmony and Cooperation (guest post by Mia Sage)

By Mia Sage

Life is strange. How is it that the hardest thing I ever did in my life was also the most fulfilling? Looking at the new hardcover copies of How to Talk to Men: The Geisha and the Gorilla takes me back over many months of incredibly difficult challenges. Each page was an insurmountable obstacle—trying to put my experiences with men into words.

Women need this book. Every copy is a full-on workshop experience. Every one will transform a relationship. Every page will make somebody’s life better. It would be impossible to write a separate book for every woman. So this book provides a series of interesting notions and provocative ideas that you can try on for size. None are exactly true. But some will bring greater clarity to your view of men.

I am truly grateful to Dana, Carly, Andrea, Olenka, Xochi, Maria, Robert, Andreas and all the other folks who devoted time and energy to editing and refining the text. Now let’s share it. Please join our global sales team so we can put our first Sage University book on the best seller’s list.
They say that easy writing makes hard reading. This book should be a breeze to read after all the sweat and tears we poured into it. Now I am ready to launch the marketing and to set up the new web site. I need your help.

The surest path to success is by owning your own business. The best way to learn business skills is by practicing them—learning by doing. Sales and marketing is the hardest aspect. Many folks have the right service or product, but they don’t know how to attract clients.

All of our most successful students are the ones that learned how to meet new people and to make service calls. You can learn how to perform those essential tasks by joining our How to Talk to Men service team.

You get 90 minutes of superlative sales training each week, along with a practice session that you share with other aspiring business people. To be the best you have to learn from the best. Email Dana@Dana’sMyCoach.com or call Dana at 917-213-6143 for details. Check calendar for dates here by clicking here.

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