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Your Attention Can Steal Your Dreams…If You Let It!!

If you can drive a car you can drive your life…in any direction you want to go.

Deepak Chopra says “directing your attention is the key to transforming your life,” in “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire”. Exactly like driving a car!

Everyone who drives a car is able to direct their attention. If you get in the car and your loved ones are passengers you will make sure you are paying attention to hazards in the road, and to operating your vehicle safely. If it feels like a matter of life or death to drive that car to the best of your ability, it is.

“What you put your attention on gets energized. What you take your attention away from dwindles..” So you could say your intention is guided by your attention. If your attention is poached or wanders off-course your intention for your life will not be fulfilled.

So why do we not use the same level of attention when setting our intention and directing our actions for driving our life course…as we do for driving to the store in a car?

Setting a clear intention for your life and harnessing your attention to fulfill it requires something from you.

To learn what that ‘something’ is take a lesson from a performer I saw last month when I took my kids to a show. In the show, a lineup of four magicians took the stage periodically, in no particular order. One magician consistently got and kept the audience’s attention. Whenever he came onstage, the kids gathered so close they were practically sitting on his feet! This didn’t happen with the other performers.

If you can understand how this magician so completely dominated the kids’ collective attention that they wanted to be right underfoot, you’ll understand the key to being self-directed in your life and having all that you desire.

Here’s how he did it. Each time he came onto the stage and began to mime some activity, if the audience was not watching attentively, he would find out where the audience’s attention was, get in the center of it and then move it back to what he was doing on stage.

One time, he noticed there was a group of girls mid-way back into the audience that were all gathered around something on the ground. All the girls were riled up and creating quite a distraction.

Our magician immediately strode over purposefully to the center of where all the girls were looking and mimed that he grabbed what they were looking at and popped it in his mouth. Then he strode back to the stage to finish his sketch. The audience roared with laughter as they realized the girls had all been looking at a bug and he had pretended to eat the bug. All of a sudden, he became much more interesting than the bug and in this way he eclipsed the attention the girls had put on the bug.

Our attention is a little bit like those girls in the audience. It is constantly at risk of being infected with a hysteria virus, infused with someone else’s crisis, or perhaps, (if we’re lucky) by an entertainer who wants to make us laugh.

If you want to direct the course of your life, you must become like that entertainer, and use your attention to drive your life with the same vigilance you would use to drive a car with your loved ones inside. You steer your own car with the wheel, you determine the speed with your brake and gas pedal, and you indicate your direction you are heading to other drivers with your blinkers and lights.

In your life, are you setting the pace, navigating the direction and communicating with others about your direction? If so, you will surely end up at your destination, safely. If not, you will most likely end up in a wreck, or simply driving aimlessly.

Taking control of your attention and intention can be as simple as setting a goal for yourself, just as you would if you were about to head to the store. For example, you could say to yourself or to a friend, “By the end of the year I will hire a full-time assistant.” It is a specific outcome and there is a specific timeframe. All of a sudden my attention has become intentional, or under my control.

Another way to harness and direct your attention is to outsource. Coaches trained by Sage University are taught to create the right kind of intervention to grab your attention (ie. eating the bug like the magician).

We use over 100 specific coaching tools in communication and perception to help you reach your goals. Harnessing attention in the most pleasant way, just like our friend, the magician.

“Our consciousness can handle only so much information, so we have selective attention. Whatever we choose to focus our attention on will make it past the mind’s filtering system.” Deepak Chopra

We can help you harness your attention and become more intentional in all areas of life. Below are a few of the ways we can help in communication, relationship, family and business:

Individual Coaching

Team Training: Strategic Intervention

What to do With the Rest of Your Life

Advanced G.W.E.N. Austin June

G.W.E.N. Ibiza November

How to Talk to Men Mini

How to Coach Your Kids

Contact Dana@DanasMyCoach.com to find out more about any of these courses of action. We would love to assist you!

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