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Not Every ‘Baby’ Project Generates 22 Million…But It Can!

Have you heard of CD Baby? It is the name of a company started by Derek Sivers in the 90’s as a side project. At the time, he considered it to be something he enjoyed doing and a way to make a little money…but not a real business.

Ten years later, he sold the company for $22 million. How did that happen?

He calls it an ‘accident’. I call it a ‘controlled accident’.

At the time, Sivers had plenty of the right kind of experience from producing and performing music. He knew how to follow his curiosity, take action and to use his charisma in sales. Sivers says, “Making a company is a great way to improve the world while you improve yourself.”

In my journey as coach and entrepreneur I hear over and over again how important it is to start. “You must have a game (or project) to start with,” says Mandy Cavanaugh, another extremely successful entrepreneur and our keynote speaker at G.W.E.N. (Global Women’s Entrepreneur) conference earlier this month. “A game can always be expanded, even if you start with helping one person or teaching one person something, that is a game which can grow.”

I started my own ‘baby’ exactly one year ago. Bringing the communication and leadership tools I learned from completing the 4-year intensive training at Sage University into my family and sharing them with other families has been a great joy! In the last year I have been collecting data, giving talks and seminars on healthy family dynamics. Finally, this month we launched the How to Coach Your Kids website and resource library. If you haven’t already logged in for your FREE Membership, please do so now!

Becoming a member gives you access to tools, video lessons and interviews which bring lightness, effectiveness and honor to parenting. You will get practical tools and feel good about it! And, here is a sneak peek from our upcoming ‘Transformers for Family Dynamics’ video tutorial.

If you want start your own CD Baby project, or turn your mission into a game in business… it takes a special skill set to be successful. You need a team and you need to structure your projects as ‘controlled accidents’. Skills like how to recruit, connect, and lead a team, as well as project design and management. How to start with a small low-stakes step, and then grow.

Without these skills, it will be hard work to grow a successful enterprise out of your passion, or worse, you may never do it at all! If you never take action, your game or can never expand. But how to design a ‘controlled accident’? Ask an expert on giving feedback to lead you to some concrete steps in a direction that excites you. That is how CD Baby started, as well as many other successful projects I have seen people complete. And of course you also must invest in learning new skills!

I spent many years working with business people teaching these skills. Many clients have also used the same tools in their families. My recently published book, ‘The One Minute Parent’ outlines the three simple principles that work in families AND companies to connect team players (or family members) harmoniously and productively.

If you have a family, the same tool effective in connecting grownups, works with kids. The same tool in creating games in a business, works in families. Thank you in advance for playing in my www.HowtoCoachYourKids.com game. It is just a baby, but like my own (human) baby boys, it will grow!

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