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Mother’s Day Gifts: Because Every Mom is a Maker!

Recently someone called me a name…and I liked it! It was someone who has known me for many years and he referred to me as a ‘maker’.

Now you’ve heard the term ‘Rainmaker’ (someone who generates new sources of income from unexpected places). And you know ‘Trouble-maker’ means anyone who generates new sources of distress/worry/damage at unexpected times. Well a maker is something altogether different (or is it?)

I checked it out, and, the dictionary definition is: mak·er (noun)

a person or thing that makes or produces something. ie. “a cabinetmaker” or,

God; the Creator.

Well I know I am not God, but I did produce something. I produced two things actually…sometimes known as ‘Thing One’ and ‘Thing Two’…my twin sons.

And not just me! By definition, all moms are makers, cuz they all made people! Since May is the month to celebrate mothers (May 11th), let this  blog post be a tribute to moms  for all that they ‘make’ happen every day.

Moms are the alarm clock, docking station, scheduler, communications director, bike mechanic (sometimes), breadwinner (more often now than ever before), nurse, chauffeur, team coach, team mom, tutor, teacher, janitor, bodyguard, sleep advocate, shoe repair shop, clothes washer, wardrobe designer, personal shopper, cook, chef, baker, sales person (ie. selling kids on the idea of brushing their teeth twice a day!), career advisor, cheerleader, home stager, landscape mastermind, party planner, form-filler-outer, therapist, and the list goes on!

So let’s honor moms! (see below for creative gift ideas)

For you single dads out there who are making things happen…don’t worry! Your time is next month! In fact, The One Minute Parent has an article just for you in the June issue of Austin Man magazine.

Five Out-of-Box Gift Ideas for Mom:


1-Alone time…yesterday a friend (also a single parent) offered to take my sons on a bike ride at McKinney falls. He said I was welcome to come but also welcome to NOT come if I wanted some alone time. This was a great gift. Even though I wanted to go because I love to ride with my boys…a last minute severe allergy attack hit me and I stayed home. I found I enjoyed alone time! The mom in your life will also if you offer to take her kids for an outing. Be sure and give her the option to join you, though, women love to have the option to choose!

OMP Gift Bag

2-Wisdom and Mom-stories like in The One Minute Parent book! Today someone bought two copies as gifts, one for her daughter and one for her daughter-in-law (both moms) and asked me to sign them. She inspired this offer! The first 10 people who respond to this and purchase the book will get a signed, gift-wrapped and hand-delivered copy to the mom of their choice. It’s a short but relevant book, with practical coaching tools on how to be a game-maker with your family. It’s full of stories that will make mom laugh and cry..and feel honored in her role.


3-Cooking…moms have been planning and/or making 3 meals a day for small groups (and sometimes large groups…depending on family size) for a really, really, really long time. No matter how much she loves cooking, she will welcome the chance to have someone else do it for her. Here are two local options for personal chef services:

Kara Kroeger

Inspired Culinary


4-Entertainment…a gift card for the movies (can be purchased at CVS, or the theater), an iTunes gift card so she can pick out and easily download her own music or a hand-made coupon to see the movie of her choice with you (your treat…natch!)


5-Affection…one year for Mother’s Day one of my sons came home from school with a little hand-made gift pack of coupons. One of them was for ‘Unlimited Hugs’. That’s my favorite gift of all time! Boy, have I used that a lot!


Hope this helps in your effort to honor the moms in your life and show her you are willing to be creative in your gift choice. Of course you don’t have to be creative, standbys like flowers, jewelry and spa certificates always work too!!

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