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Harold’s Purple Crayon and the Art of Conjuring…

HaroldIn the children’s story, “Harold and the Purple Crayon,” a little boy uses a purple crayon to draw what he sees in his imagination. Once he sees it, and draws it, it becomes real. Harold has many adventures: he encounters a monster, almost drowns in the sea, is rescued by a boat (drawn by his purple crayon), meets a policeman, and gets lost in a big city. Finally he realizes he misses home. After several failed attempts, he figures out the way to get home his to see his room in his imagination and then draw it. He does. Instantly, he is transported back home, safe in his bed!


What I love about this story is it shows the power of imagination. Whether we believe it or not, what we believe becomes real. If you disagree, check your beliefs. Do you believe good things happen to you? Do you believe you have the power to make change in your life? Do you believe you can handle your feelings? If you believe any of these things, then that is what is.


This morning my son came in and asked me what’s for breakfast. I said to him, “You tell me, what are you making for breakfast?” He said, “I’m too young to make breakfast!”

I said, “Anyone can make breakfast! …even a rat that knows how to cook. We saw that in a movie remember? If a rat can be a cook in a French restaurant, surely a boy like you can make breakfast.”

He replied, “You don’t know the difference between fiction and non-fiction.”


He’s right. What I experience is fiction can become non-fiction with the swipe of a purple crayon. If I apply my imagination to see a specific reality and follow it up with action steps, I create that reality. Before I made it happen, it was fiction, after, it is non-fiction. Many examples from my personal and professional life serve as proof. Writing a book, training all over the world, being a mom, and helping others are just some of my dreams which are now real.


So how can YOU learn to pull a Harold…and exercise the art of conjuring?


A famous thought experiment by physicist Erwin Schrodinger shows how particles form depending on whether or not they are observed. So it could be said that your view of ‘reality’ actually creates reality. The experiment is described in the book, “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire,” by Deepok Chopra. Chopra shares his method in the book. If you don’t plan on reading the book, it can be broken down to its simplest form, “Everything that happens in the universe starts with intention….Intent is the very basis of creation.”


In addition, a simple formula I like is,

1. Imagine the outcome you want in your mind.

2. Believe in it.

3. Allow your desire to surface.

4. Identify a step you can take toward creating it. Take that step. Take the next step.

5. See your vision happen in real life.


Like any new skill, conjuring takes practice. Don’t try to transform yourself into a rat that can cook (like Ratatouille) on your first try. Instead, start simple. Ask yourself, “What sensation do I want to experience?” Maybe it’s to eat a fresh mango or feel water on your skin. Next, do it! Mangoes are easy to come by and if you’re in Austin, water is as close as Barton Springs…or the nearest faucet or spray bottle.


After a few successful ‘small-scale’ versions of this conjuring exercise, you are ready for something a little more complex. Turn your life goals into a mind-map or collage or storyboard as if you are producing a movie. Follow above procedures. Enjoy the results of your beliefs!


Knowing about my long-time love of Harold’s story, last year a friend gave me a purple crayon. As an exercise in conjuring I started writing goals, wishes and desires on paper with the crayon, sometimes with pictures too…and you know what? It works! Incredible things have happened in the last year. Maybe I am not a rat that can cook (or some would say not even a human that can cook!), but I am a lot of other things…thanks to my intention and conjuring skills!


What will you draw with your purple crayon?

One response to “Harold’s Purple Crayon and the Art of Conjuring…

  1. Sylvester Becker June 17, 2014 at 8:10 am

    While having breakfast, I’m reading this post. Wonderful, I’m very touched. The best: Turn fiction into non-fiction. How kids can inspire you to discover the miracles you created yourself. Then you can share these insights.

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