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I Love the Creator in You!

Did you know you are a creator? If you are alive, you are a creator. You made choices. Every day you make choices. Your choices create your outcomes. If you want a different profession, a different income, a different pattern in your relationships, you can make choices that create different outcomes…the outcomes you desire!

Many people who come to work with me, say they want to find a different job, to find their passion. Well those are two different things. For people who want to live their passion, no job exists for them. Why? Because they have to invent it.

Take this example to illustrate the point. You probably heard of network marketing organizations like Amway. Recruiters for these types of businesses sell the idea of ‘living your dream’ in order to gain new marketers. This method of creating interest is based on a falsehood. Actually, only the original founders are truly living the dream.

People who birthed the product and created the system are passionate about it. Period. The product and the company values came from these folks…from their hearts… organically so to speak. They were the inventors. When other people get involved, maybe they like the idea and connect with the others in the organization, but since the product did not come from their heart, or their soul, they can never be as invested as the original founders.

Rather than describing joining a network marketing organization as ‘living the dream’, it would really be more accurate to describe it as ‘living someone else’s dream’. For some people that’s perfectly ok. For them, it’s enjoyable to help someone else or to join in a game that is in progress, with systems and products already created.

But on the other hand, if you have ever tried to sell these types of products, it is very difficult to be successful. Only a few people reach the top tiers. People who are extremely motivated and talented…people who would be successful no matter what they did. For the rest of the sellers and marketers, it is a struggle. Not only do they have to learn how to sell, which is an uncomfortable skill to acquire (to say the least!)  But also they are not personally invested in the product…because they weren’t there for the launch. Which makes it doubly difficult to sell.

It’s the same with starting a business. If you are looking to live your dream, you cannot learn how to do that in a typical business school. There, you learn about businesses that other people invented. You learn about people who had specific talents and desires and quirks…and who created businesses that activated their pleasure, and their drive. They were successful because the unique things about themselves were what created the innovation that made their business alive, unique and attractive.

Instead of looking for another job, or starting a business based on someone else’s idea, there is another formula. If you really want to love what you do, and live your dream, the path is much riskier. Not risky like playing craps at the casino, but risky in that you have to be willing to be vulnerable. What if you were Mary Kay before Mary Kay had the name recognition it has now.

When you made your first phone call to your first potential salesperson you had to create the brand in your prospect’s imagination. You had to sell an intangible item, because it didn’t exist yet. Who would be more passionate about selling Mary Kay than Mary Kay? No one. What could be more courageous than trying to convince people who someday your name would be a household brand? Nothing I can think of!

If you are curious about what might be the product within you that is waiting to be launched and turned into a business, you will probably never guess it, no matter how much you rack your brain. An answer to this question cannot be found in your brain. Why? Because all that you find in your brain is what you already know. What is known has already been invented, what is unknown is what is yet to be invented, by YOU! So it is not in your brain yet. It is an unknown variable.

For example, you might say, “I like to help people feel good so I will become a massage therapist because that is something I have heard of.” Well I know massage therapists and they say it does feel good to give people relaxing touch, but sometimes it feels really bad. You get tired, your body aches, and you usually don’t get paid very much.

So if you try that and realize it isn’t a fit, you might try to think of something else. “I like food so I’ll work in a restaurant.” That’s a good idea, but working in a restaurant involves a lot of really HARD work. Working for minimum wage in a hot and steamy kitchen, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, then dealing with customer complaints.

Have you ever heard the comedian Chris Rock talk about his early days working in Red Lobster and scraping the pans used to cook the breaded fish? He says it was so boring he forced himself not to look at the clock. But he would count out the minutes in his head and whenever he thought about one half hour had gone by he would look up at the clock and see it had only been two minutes. Talk about bored!

Finally, he started writing standup material and performing. By taking that step into a world he though he would like, and being vulnerable, he set in motion a series of events. Each event was his invention. Before he made it, there was no show called, “The Chris Rock Show”, or “Everybody Hates Chris.” He invented these shows, just like he invented his life. Maybe you’re not a comedian, actor, writer/producer like him, but maybe you are! How do you know unless you try? Right now there are probably 100 potential projects waiting for you to initiate them. Just take your pick and …start!

One of my clients has an art degree, a waitress job and a hobby of making puppets. Recently she took action on her passion for puppets, puppetry and the history of puppet-making, and lead a workshop for kids. It was well-received and she enjoyed it more than she even dreamed of. With that feedback she is ready to try it again, and open it up to a wider audience. Would your child like to make his or her own puppet?* Creating a name, personality and story to go along with it… Why not let your child experience the sense of mastery that comes with creating something. If you do, maybe he or she will always have the courage and confidence to create their own results in life! Because it IS possible to create your life. And I love the creator in YOU!


*See DanasMyCoach.com calendar for details on puppet workshop

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