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Cloudy With a Chance of….What?

If you could change the world, what would you change?

If you are saying to yourself, “I can’t change the world!” you are right! You can’t. But you can change conditions in the world. Your world to be more specific. If we use weather as a metaphor, we look at conditions to predict change. Atmospheric pressure, or a front moving in are conditions leading to change in the weather.

If something or someone in your life makes you unhappy and you wish for change, try creating conditions where change is likely to happen. Conditions for change include breaking patterns, clearing obstacles and becoming mobile.

If you hate your job, you don’t have to quit. But if you want change, you need to change your patterns. Work less hours, take on different responsibilities, interview for a different position within the company. Change often begets change. If you step in a different direction, you don’t need to know the end result in order to cause a shift.

What if the worst happens when you start making small changes in your patterns and you get fired? You’ll survive! The human race has been around a long time and for most of that time we have survived on less prosperity, less medical help and harsher conditions. Why do we think we will suddenly become extinct if we lose a job?

Just in case, though, you may want to lean down while you are changing your patterns. Trim the fat. It’s another thing that creates conditions for change. Plus when you cut down on unneeded expenses you save money! Cancel cable if you don’t use it. Unplug your landline if you don’t need it. Sell unused items. Removing the fat in your life creates another form of momentum…making movement possible.

If you don’t know how to start, let’s look at the end. Say your goal is health and fitness. What are the conditions for that? A clean and germ-free environment, some physical acivity and moderation and balance in food choice. Look around your house, are these conditions present? It’s hard to eat healthy food if it isn’t around!

Do you have workout shoes? If you don’t have them, or if you have them but they are buried in the closet, these conditions do not indicate physical activity! These may seem like simple things, but they have a big impact. Since I developed a stress fracture in my foot for wearing bad shoes many years ago, I decided investing in good workout shoes was a top priority. I spend more money on workout shoes than my entire clothing and shoe budget combined!

One thing I know, even if I don’t feel like working out, I light up about putting on my Mizuno Wave Prophecy workout shoes. Once I get those babies on, there is no stopping me! The forecast for exercise is imminent!

Your life is like weather systems. Just like meteorologists interpret weather patterns in order to predict changes, there are people who interpret behavior and communication patterns to predict changes. You can do it too. If you can read patterns you know when to predict a storm, or a calm interlude. Unlike the weather which is out of your control, if you interpret social conditions, you can also create conditions for the social climate you want.

If you want a productive and prosperous lifestyle, you need social conditions for productivity and prosperity. Jim Rohn says that you can only be as successful as the average of the five people you spend the most time with. They create your social conditions. If you want social conditions for more prosperity, either tell your friends to get productive, or find some new friends to be around.

If you want to win, hang around winners. In sports, the winning team scores the most points. Winning teams don’t have just one or two good players but they have LOTS of players who are committed to scoring points.

In basketball, the team that takes the most shots at the basket usually wins. In soccer, the team that takes the most shots at the goal usually wins. In just about every sport and every competition, the team that takes the most chances to win, wins. Hence the importance of staying mobile, productive and in action. The more times you make a pitch, apply for the position, or complete a project, the more times you are likely to win. Then you become one of the five people that your friends want to be around! Forecast may be cloudy but there’s a sure chance of WINNING!

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