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To Dream the Do-Able Dream…

Do you remember that old song that goes, “To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe…”

Well I would like you to forget about all that. Instead, dream a do-able dream and fight a winnable fight.

Dreaming of impossible things is easy. It’s dreaming the possible that’s hard. Say for example, I want to change my life. I could fantasize about winning a game show or marrying a movie star. But to think how to really change my life in a possible way, I have to learn how to create possibilities, not impossibilities. It takes a little more time and attention to dream a dream I can actually do something about.

Now you may say it’s not impossible to marry a movie star or win a game show, because someone wins on those shows, and movie stars do get married so someone is marrying them! However, the odds are slim to nil that I’ll do either of those things.

Just for example, say I have loftier dreams…like ending world hunger. It’s a lovely fantasy that I (or anyone for that matter!) have the power to end food shortages. But since it seems impossible, i don’t really have to do anything about it. But I could do as Seth Godin did. He broke down his dream of ending water shortages in third world countries into a do-able dream.

For his birthday 5 years ago, Godin started a social movement to end clean water shortages in small villages (Charity:Water). He asked his fans not to give him a birthday present, but instead to send money to a fund working toward this end. But, he didn’t stop there, he asked other people to give away their birthdays for this cause as well. As of now over $9million has been raised and hundreds of villages have been supplied with clean water since Seth started this movement. He proves that making a huge impact may start with a real conversation with your friends (and a request!) about who and how you want to help.

How do you know if your impossible dream is worth turning into do-able steps? If it scares you, you are on the right track. An impossible dream is not scary because you will never have to do anything about it. A dream that is too easy will not scare you because it is too boring. Think of the thing that scares you, and then a tangible goal that is possible but that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Now that is just right!

One tip on how to dream a dream that will have a high likelihood of coming true is to follow your curiosity! If you are excited about it, you already have motion and momentum on your side. And when you pair this excitement with a do-able action plan…something that can be completed within 90 days…the dream converts into reality. After converting into action plan, your dream can really begin to grow. Until this point, it is impossible for it to grow. A do-able plan creates possibilities.

If I dream of adventure, I can create that likelihood. For me, the most exciting adventure is connecting with people in other parts of the world and helping each other. For years, I wanted to do this with the topic of parenting and coaching kids. It was my dream to create a platform for parents or childcare workers to connect and share and learn…without fear and shame of their mistakes.

Finally, I wrote a book on the subject, sharing my mistakes as a parent, as well as my tools for success…and sharing my client’s mistakes, as well as successes. All with the intention of letting parents relax around the topic and embrace a new perspective. A coaching perspective!

Then, after I wrote the book I had the idea to provide a venue for these dialogues, not just online in webinars, but in living rooms all over the world, between friends and family members.

I sat on this idea for TWO YEARS! Why? I could give you a whole list of reasons…I wanted to focus on my family, I needed to focus on earning money in my business …but the truth is I was scared. I was scared of what people might think of me, I was scared I might fail, and I was scared of things I can’t even name because I don’t know what they are.

Now, I am still scared, but I am also ready to take action. After awhile, when you know what you are supposed to do, you start to self-destruct when you don’t do it. That’s what happened to me. I finally realized I simply had to start! Now my One Minute Parent Parlor Party model has officially been launched. I have reached out to hosts and hostesses all over the world and have the first one booked for later this month.

With these parties I have the potential to change the dialogue around kids, family communication and childcare, while including colleagues and friends as equals, and earning a bit of money (for myself and for the hosts as well!) That is what reading about Seth Godin did for me. I recognized that by encouraging others to give away their birthdays, he took away the risk of failure and rejection, and invited others to join him on the playing field.

Now I don’t want you to get the idea there’s a right way and wrong way to dream. However you begin to dream is perfect! If you have impossible fantasies…simply let them turn into do-able, scaled down steps. Find what is the part of the fantasy that really excites you, and start there.

I am very curious to see what you will dream …and more curious to see what you will do about it!

Do-able Dream Checklist:

1-dream of impossible things, let imagination go wild!

2-identify what is most exciting to you

3-create a small goal towards that end

4-tell people what you want to do

5-take action

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