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Advanced Communication

Advanced Communication: How to Talk to Men Weekly Incubator (women only)

With Martin Sage and Dana Minney

This is an eye-opening weekly class designed to deepen and increase your understanding of the communication tools you learn in the 2-day How to Talk to Men intensive.With greater awareness you will be able to discover how to override your defense mechanisms. Then we will explore exciting new ways to conduct yourself with the men in your life.

Love and wisdom come to a woman through her connection to other women. Money comes through her communication with men. The rare woman who blends feminine understanding with business patterns of communication never needs to fear for security and community.

Martin (via satellite) and Dana provide the compassion and the environment you need to examine your unconscious habits. Their respect for you, combined with laser-accurate feedback will enable you to dissolve your social mask, revealing the cauldron of disappointment and frustration that poisons your life. You will experience a great release of pent-up emotion that will open you up to warmth and kindness from the other women who have the courage to take this journey with you.

Not for the Faint-Hearted

This advanced version of the How to Talk to Men provides an unflinching look at the sexes. Our conversations will be direct and honest, so you should only attend if you are ready to give up the fairy tales and deal with life as it is.

This course will give you the perceptual tools you need to get what you truly desire with the men in your life.

It will cost you $150/month and 2 hrs./week for 12 weeks. Take this chance to create positive change in your life.

Find the next class dates here: Calendar.

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