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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

To really live your dream, you need to feel not just content about your work, but truly enlivened. If your current profession does not ignite your passion, you may want to think about starting a business more suited to your nature. Develop and explore with the expert guidance of an experienced coach. You can grow it on the side…one step at a time…while keeping your ‘day job’.

With monthly coaching sessions and top-notch media materials for support, you will learn and practice the principles of building a successful long-term enterprise.

The coaching sessions and materials will get you in action with well-designed seed projects. You start with the first module “Charting Your Course” in your first coaching session and work with one topic per month, building a strong foundation with each step.

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The fee is $1500 for the total package and includes 10 live individual coaching sessions (either in person or via video conference) the eFormula book and a bonus set of booklets, one for each phase of entrepreneurship.

1st payment: $500

2nd payment: $500

3rd payment: $500

The foundation for this coaching package is a straight talking guide called The eFormula: A Notebook for Every Entrepreneur. The book and your customized coaching package will assist you to discover the thing you were made to do, and to live an authentic life by bringing your natural gifts and talents to the marketplace. You will only truly succeed if you learn your own strengths and weaknesses and align yourself with other bright people whose talents complement your own. That leaves you free to specialize in the arena of your greatest talent.

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