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Dynamic Dialogues
Two years ago I began to teach the course ‘How to Talk to Men’. It is an honor and delight to learn, struggle and share information with my team and students. If you are curious about the process, please buy the Ebook “Dynamic Dialogues: How to Talk to Men”, it is a small investment that will make a subtle but profound difference in your happines.
$ 9.99 buy here

The Soul of Entrepreneurship Toolkit

True success is the process of reawakening your curiosity and following your heart to the fulfillment of your actual dream. The Soul of Entrepreneurship Toolkit is a reliable multi-media map for free agent entrepreneurs who want to begin the quest for freedom. It will show you how to create delightful small projects that you can grow into a life work that flows from the deepest core of your being.

This remarkable toolkit shows you the patterns and procedures you need to make your dream a reality.This multi-media kit contains 16 booklets, one for each phase of growth an organic business goes through. For example ‘Sales’, ‘Systems’, ‘Teambuilding’, and ‘Values’ are just a few of the topics covered in the booklets, DVD’s, audio CD’s and field guide.

$ 90.00 buy here

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