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Coaching: For Individuals and Teams

Coaching for Individuals:

Countless people do not allow themselves to even dream of a life that makes them happy. From the time they start school, they begin forming patterns and behaviors in order to fit in, get the good grades and please their peers. This lifestyle is rarely fulfilling and can lead to dis-ease (or lack of ease).

Instead, what if you were able to begin to connect with the pulse of aliveness deep within you, to take continuous action in a way that activates your charisma, lets you contribute in a way that is deeply satisfying, and, even leads to a new career or business?

Whatever plans you are making for your future lifestyle, business or career probably do not encompass your hidden talents and deepest desires. Truth and curiosity are the guideposts that help you center yourself and navigate to unimaginable heights. A well-trained coach gives you feedback where your essence and heart is and gently but firmly leads you in that direction. He or she will set aside their own ego, agenda and expectation and simply become a mirror, reflecting back to you the qualities that you don’t pay attention to. Introducing you to your genius. Dana is such a coach.

In every lifetime there is a moment of clarity when you realize you are at a turning point and you have a window of opportunity…a chance to take small steps toward the life you are meant to live. If you are curious what this could be for you, book a free introductory session with Dana. You will receive feedback more accurate and honest than you’ve ever had, and an environment to dream, collaborate and take action.

Coaching for Teams: Successful companies of the future are not just delivering great products and services, but they are also learning organizations. If your company does not emphasize growth and development, you will have to transform it into a ‘coaching culture’ to stay competitive.

Employees site “no clear feedback on performance”, and “no opportunity for growth” as the two main reasons for leaving a job. In order to keep staff in high performance, people in upper management positions must learn a few high impact coaching tools.

In a coaching culture, managers are coaches and team members are players. People are more energized at the end of the day than when they first come in. Work becomes a game where your team members want to give their best.

When managers learn coaching tools, everyday conversations are transformed into powerful, succinct and inspiring dialogues. With a simple tool like ‘event-speak’ managers can give feedback to their team members in a whole new way. Employees will actually ask for and be receptive to this clear, neutral and precise feedback, not only from the boss, but from co-workers as well.

As more and more personnel in your company begin to inspire each other and in turn, feel inspired about their work and performance, your organization will take on the hum of a well-designed engine..with each part working in harmony with the other parts.

Choose from the  Following Topics:

  • Turning Managers into Leaders
  • Diversity Training
  • Team-building
  • Sales Training

Contact Dana today to book your free ‘Lunch and Learn’ and find out if Dana’s My Coach is a fit for your organization.

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