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Frequently Asked Questions…and Answers on personal fulfillment in career and business:

“Understanding the meaning of life is less important than enjoying the process of living.”

Q: How do I know if I am/will be successful?

A: Instead of the above question, how about answering one or more of the following more useful questions:

Has anyone ever succeeded in doing the thing(s) that interest(s) you?

Do you have talent in this arena?

Do the activities you enjoy work within the laws of nature?

Do they lend themselves to use by others who would pay to participate in them?

Could you do those things for many years without burnout?

Do listeners light up when you describe the activities you want to do for a living?

This gives you tangible scenarios and factual information to apply to your endeavor. On another note, true success, fulfillment and prosperity must be a natural consequence of a healthy balanced lifestyle that brings value to society. For sustainable outcomes and a continued positive growth trajectory, seek quality living, and think rather than about reaching your goals but about who you become in the process. The most successful and well-balanced people say success and fulfillment was not what they thought…but rather a profound acceptance, a sense that everything is all right through all the ups and downs of life. 


Q: How do I design a career path or business development or free agent plan that is well-suited to me, and honors who I want to become in the process?

A: Rather than thinking of your business as a finite entity, you must instead embrace a flexible business model. There is plenty of room for variation as long as it fits within the agreed upon structure. Agility is necessary for people who want to live life on their own terms. Seek relevant information and guidance for your business and the stage you are at in your development. This means tuning out much of the information available on the subject. Ordinary ways of thinking build on sets of ideas, but you must learn systemic thinking…in which you observe and measure events.

In my book eFormula: Joy Times Passion Squared I try to avoid the oversimplification and narrow focus that makes business books and personal development books easy to read and hard to apply. Design is the missing piece for most people and this book is for those who dare to dream and have enough courage to craft a design, and follow the steps to make it happen.


Q: What if I don’t have any idea what I like to do or what my strengths are?

A: Most people are too distracted to notice who they are. Hiring a well-trained coach is a surefire way to help you discover the gifts and talents that flow from your very being. They can give you feedback and show you how to read the patterns in your body and behavior that attune you to your aliveness. Begin to find fulfillment by conducting a series of simple projects to turn your inspirational flashes into money-making ventures.

But those first steps are designed to give you information for your later career/business steps. As you experiment with the different pieces of your puzzle (made up of your strengths, interests, abilities, etc.) take action to discover how it fits into the big picture. Some pieces may blend together unexpectedly to become a specialization, which can become your unique service. Starting with small projects you’ll learn to transform your favorite activities into your own business or into a new branch for an established company.

Make sure you are surrounded by people who support you to take action. People can’t learn how to navigate the unknown unless they’re repeatedly thrust into unpredictable situations. We learn by leaping into the unknown. Your coach can be your guide to the psychological progressions we travel through as free agent entrepreneurs on the journey to self-actualization.

”Noone makes it as a free agent without the grit and determination to begin while others wait, to continue while others fade, and to finish while others drift away.”





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