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Life and Wellness Coaching

How we look on the outside is important to many of us. How we feel, how healthy we are, and how much energy we have is a totally different story. When you find a balance between what feels good on the inside, and what your body needs for optimum health, you may soon notice it reflects in your outward appearance.

With brighter eyes, a bounce in your step, flexible and toned muscles and soft facial features, you will feel good with all the positive looks you receive. With all this reinforcement, you will feel supported to continue with whatever steps you are taking to reach this higher state of wellness.

With the ‘Healthy You for Life’ you will receive the best resources and expert coaching on the conditions in which your body, heart and mind thrive. Health does not only encompass what your doctor or nutritionist can measure, weight and blood pressure, for example. Your physical health also includes how well you rest, how you talk to yourself and others, in general, how on track you feel in all areas of life. girl w: balloons on beach

If you hire Dana Minney, a Life and Business Coach with over 15 years experience to help you on this life journey, you will be making an important and profound difference in not just your health, but your total well-being.

If you have thought about changes you’d like to make that will impact your physical and emotional health, I urge you to start now. Take this year to make the changes for wellness, wholeness and well-being that you have always wanted for yourself. Whether you suffer from low energyWe, negative self-image, uninspired goal setting or simply don’t know what holds you back…you must start your journey now. The longer you wait, it will only get harder to make the changes you desire.

With Dana’s help, you will feel more supported and more courageous than at any point in your life.You can make the change from sinking health to  thriving performance. Join me now!

The fee is $750 for the total 6-month package and includes 6 live coaching sessions (either in person or via video conference) and includes all reference materials.

Contact 917-213-6143 or dana@danasmycoach.com to register and schedule your first session. Or register online here:


“My coach gives me support, encouragement, and love! She has the skills and knowledge to help me live my dream. Everyone needs to have a coach like Dana!”

-Tammie Garza

“I’ve been working with Dana for several months on how to develop a business around my passion. She helped me distinguish between what I thought I should do, and what actually lights me up. That is very positive and very exciting.”

-Rachel Hardwick

“Since working with Dana, I’ve started to believe I could actually turn my dream into a money-making project. Now, I am performing songs that I wrote and putting together a cd to sell!”

-Dave Lyon


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