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Find your game… play… repeat.


What is it like for you to be in flow?

How would your life be different if you dared to dream?

What do you give most of your attention to?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, if I knew I would tell you! I promise! What I can do is ask, wait, and create the stillness (sometimes) and/or provocation (when not being stillness) where you can allow yourself a new awareness…an awareness of what action that will move you closer to what you want.

In other words, a coaching relationship is a paradox. While your coach does not make you do anything, you would not do the thing your coach intends for you to do if she was not there. It is a blend of intention and exploration. You can explore on your own, in the dark, with only your past, your unbridled fears and bias filters to guide you, or you can explore with someone who is skilled at navigating through the unknown terrain. The important thing is, whichever way you decide to do it, enjoy it!

If you are curious about how coaching can work for you and for your team (if you have one). Ask for your free 45 minute intro session or group preview. Dana@DanasMyCoach.com

Coaching is based on game theory and can be applied to any arena where humans work and play together. Knowing how to distinguish when someone is lit up and when they are not…and furthermore, having tools to activate the lights, is priceless. You can learn to use the same tools in perception and expression as top-notch sports coaches to internally motivate your team. Coaching is the new management.

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If you are curious about reaching your full potential, maybe you want to explore a side business that really excites you. Each person has an activity, environment and talent that when in used in combination with each other, create a ‘flow’ experience. Our day jobs may not provide this experience, however.

You can take this step-by-step approach to discovering what creates joy and fulfills your purpose. A flexible and yet methodical approach for finding your calling and developing income streams is in The eFormula: A Notebook for Every Entrepreneur. Joy times Purpose Squared [(joy)(purpose)]² is the formula.


The One Minute Parent is a narrative with coaching tools that show how to create team spirit, self-awareness and structural motivation. Create more fun with feedback mechanisms in your daily family life.Untitled-11





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