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What would you do if you were guaranteed to succeed?

What if you could learn everything you needed to learn in order to reach your goals?

Imagine having someone on your side, who gave you more courage, support and belief than you ever had before, would you allow yourself to get what you want?  Well, I would love to be that person for you!

Perhaps you want more enjoyment in your family relationships, order my book below and click here for the ‘One Minute Parent for Life’ Coaching Program. You will be able to use the same tools in perception and expression as top-notch sports coaches. Create more fun and team spirit in your daily family life.

Or, maybe you want to turn your hobbies, or secret ambitions into an actual plan for fulfillment and success…then you need to start the process step by step. You’ll find the guidance and long-term support you need with the Soul of Entrepreneurship Coaching Program.

If you want to engage in a whole life makeover, start from the inside out and sign up for the Healthy You for Life Coaching Program. You will learn how to create optimal conditions in your body, heart and mind for a deep sense of well-being. Learn how to reduce anxiety, manage your behavior and self-talk, as well as find creative outlets for emotional expression.

Lastly, if you want to bring Dana Minney and her 15-plus years of training and coaching in communication, business and team-building into your company, schedule a free lunch n’ learn today! Contact Dana@DanasMyCoach.com for an immediate reply.


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Dana’s My Coach Introduction and Testimonials:

Whatever plans you are making for your future lifestyle, business or career probably do not encompass your hidden talents and deepest desires. Truth and curiosity are the guideposts that help you center yourself and navigate to unimaginable heights. A well-trained coach gives you feedback where your essence and heart is and gently but firmly leads you in that direction. He or she will set aside their own ego, agenda and expectation and simply become a mirror, reflecting back to you the qualities that you don’t pay attention to. Introducing you to your genius. Dana is such a coach.

“I enjoyed working with Dana very much. The thing that I use the most out of her sessions is that I cannot take other people’s problems personally. Besides learning a great deal, Dana is a joy to work with. She brings out the best me that I can be.” Jean Davis, GREX

Click here to read more testimonials, or click on the video below to listen to one of Dana’s clients talk about team-building:

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Contact Dana for a free introductory session to find out if coaching is a fit for you.

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