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How to Coach Your Kids Webinar

The How to Coach Your Kids online interactive workshops (webinars) are for you if you want more harmony and accountability in your family. Learn coaching tools and methods to bring fun and games into the family dynamic, creating cooperation and harmony between parents and their kids.

Whether you are the main caregiver, a single parent, step parent, grandparent or friend, the new tools and perceptions you will be exposed to will allow you to create Loving Family Systems.
Our tools are simple to apply and easy to understand…A change in behavior is instantaneous. Creating lasting change in the patterns how people relate to each other is determined by continuous, transformative steps.

-use coaching tools for more teamwork, games and fun in your family dynamic

-assess and give clean feedback to see immediate transformation and improvement

-monitor your own goals, feelings and desires to successfully inspire and lead harmonious change

-turn tragedy into comedy with a game that everyone can win!

In these interactive workshops we look at real-life situations that parents face on a daily basis. They are fun and interactive! You will find you can integrate them into whatever parenting methods you are currently using that works.

Duration 90 minutes
Cost $15.00 for one webinar

or $100 for annual HowtoCoachYourKids.com webinar subscription.

Contact Dana@DanasMyCoach.com or register online here.

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