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Coaching Day

Most people live on auto-pilot – getting so caught up in the motions of day-to-day existence that they have put aside, given up or even forgotten the possibilities and promises of the life they were meant to live.

Join us for a day of exploration and discovery that will stimulate your curiosity, awaken your imagination and ignite you into effective action.

While you play your way through a series of ‘curious’ interviews, observations and exercises this event will reach into who you really are and assist you to create the next steps in your business, career, relationships and life – according to your truest nature.

Get ready to see yourself as others see you and re-connect with elements of brilliance within your being as you remember who you are behind the roles you have been playing and the identity you have assumed.

In this fun, easy, profound and interactive day you will:

  • Learn to “see” yourself and others in new ways
  • Discover pieces of your professional and personal puzzle
  • Practice and develop skills that assist you to better hear your own inner guidance
  • See the next steps to grow your business or pleasure
  • Remember who you really are and what matters to you
  • Join the growing community of people who learn to bring out the best in each other.

Ultimately, in this training, you will learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others! And, if you are already a coach, or interested in the coaching profession, this is your basic training!! With a combination of presentation, exercises, and  coaching interviews…an effective and uplifting learning experience is guaranteed! 

Experienced Trainers Fran Goldsmith and Dana Minney lead this exciting one-day workshop. They are specially trained to give you the data, feedback and support to change your life from what it is now to what you want it to be!

Fran Goldsmith is a coach and co-founder of The Curiosity School and Curiosity Learning Systems. Her specialty and passion is in finding the sparks of curiosity that assist people to move toward peak performance and self-actualization in both their personal and professional lives.

July 18th, 2015

Austin, TX


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To RSVP or more info: Dana Minney 917-213-6143Dana@DanasMyCoach.com

Early bird discount until April 30th, 2015

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