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One Minute Parent for Life

When parents or caregivers first think about taking care and nurturing a new life, it is with the highest hopes. Almost everyone truly wants and tries to give the best to their own children, or the children they are caring for.

Taking this into consideration, how can it be that so often family life turns stressful? Where do the hostile feelings come from, the whining, resistance and tantrums…? And what about the kids? Why do they insist on judging and comparing us…playing on our highly charged emotions?

I say this tongue in cheek, of course, only to make the point that we, as parents, are just as responsible (if not totally responsible!) when things get unpleasant.
If we’re as responsible as the kiddos for unpleasantness, OMP Hardbackthen it follows we absolutely can turn it around! If you join Dana Minney in the ‘One Minute Parent for Life’ 16-month program, you will learn exactly how to do it.
With one meeting per month and weekly assignments and data, you will learn to:

-use coaching tools for more teamwork, games and fun in your family dynamic

-assess and give clean feedback to see immediate transformation and improvement

-monitor your own goals, feelings and desires to successfully inspire and lead harmonious change

-turn tragedy into comedy with a game that everyone can win!

Sign up now and begin to develop in this new way of engaging with family. Create a new culture in your family! It takes time, but you can start now.

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The fee is $1000 for the total 16-month package and includes 16 live coaching sessions (either in person or via video conference) all worksheets, audios and videos.


Plus access to the password protected information website: http://www.HowToCoachYourKids.com and monthly group webinars to help you integrate your learning.


First payment of $250 is due at the first session.

Second payment of $250 is due at the 4th session (after four months).

Third payment of $250 is due at the 8th session (after eight months).

Final payment of $250 is due at the 12th session (after 12 months).

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