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The Selling Game

figuresbreifcasesraceIf you want to succeed, take the time to understand people, and then strive to get them what they want and need. Selling is just being yourself and sharing something of value.

Sounds simple, right?

But first, you have to handle your own doubts and fears,and replace them with superior social skills: optimism, warmth, belief and profound acknowledgment. The best way to push through shyness and embarrassment is to work with warm, friendly professionals whose confidence gives you the courage and playfulness you need to reach your sales goals.

Join The Selling Game and attend the 8+ sessions – a hybrid of online highly interactive training and in-person sales team meetings – over 4 months where you will:

Discover the joy of selling by playing a high-intensity game with like-minded professionals

Learn to connect from your heart during each stage of the sales process through participating in and observing in role-play

Receive gentle, real-time reflections on your strengths and weaknesses, and your true impact on prospects and clients

Take on the bold new persona that you need to become a professional entrepreneur, or to turn your side hustle into your main event!

Stepping up to The Selling Game is like going from the amateur league to the professional league. You are joining the ranks of people who get things done, by skillfully moving people and moving money.

Playful selling is the light that drives away the worries of your false ego. Sell often and sell with a team that knows how to enjoy the process, and you will soon acquire the courage that all successful people share.

If you are curious, join us for a free preview, and meet other free agents, or contact Dana Minney (details below) or Lissie Connelly (512-796-0200 or lissienow@gmail.com):

To find out if it’s for YOU, come to a Free Preview:

Date/time: Wed. 7/28/19, 6-7:30 pm.

Location: Hecho en Mexico: 6001 W William Cannon Dr. Ste 301, Austin, TX 78749

Contact: Dana Minney (Dana@DanasMyCoach.com) 917-213-6143

You will find the workshop dates on the Calendar.

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