Dana's My Coach

Find your game… play… repeat.


Testimonial by Mardi Wareham, Singing Telegrams of Austin

Live Your Adventure Weekly Coaching Series

Whatever plans you are making for your future business or career probably do not encompass your hidden talents and deepest desires. A well-trained coach gives you feedback where your essence and heart is and gently but firmly leads you in that direction. more…

The Power of Partnership

In both your business or personal life, how you communicate is based on old beliefs and injuries. Healthy, enjoyable and productive partnerships take awareness and skill.

The Soul of Entrepreneurship Business Incubator

…is a totally new way of exploring entrepreneurship… In this 12-week highly experiential class, you will learn business skills that you won’t get anywhere else. more…


Superior sales people have superior people skills. With consumers more savvy and educated than ever before, it takes an exceptional ability to connect heart-to-heart with your clients if you are to be successful in sales. more…

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