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The Power of Partnership

The Power of Partnership

Based on Martin and Mia Sage’s “How to Talk to Men” 2-Day Intensive (women only)

No matter how far we’ve come as a society, there is still a great divide… the gender divide. Women and men continue to misunderstand and judge each other. Opinions and judgements create separation and interfere with the fun and productivity that comes from true partnership. In both your business or personal life, how you communicate is based on old beliefs and injuries. Healthy, enjoyable and productive partnerships take awareness and skill.

In the Power of Partnership, you will hear data about gender differences more honest than you’ve ever heard it before. More important than knowledge, though, is the transformational shift you will experience through our unique Theater of Life training. 

By learning and practicing a few Advanced Coaching tools, you will:

-Understand how to leverage the complementary nature of men and women,

-Create a new norm for communication with those around you based on team spirit, cooperation and encouragement,

-Learn to communicate in a way that works, and how to get your way by giving in,

-Begin to experience the ease and fun that comes from playing for prosperity…and winning!

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“This challenging workshop requires much from us participants in order that we gain much. And we do gain much. I highly recommend it for changing the way women think, feel and act in their relationships – personal and professional.
” Rose Hayden. 10/11

“Thank you so much for helping me understand myself better.  The insight and tips were extremely helpful, already I can see a big difference in my relationship.” Barbara Stillson 12/10

“I attended a gathering of women who had attended the How to Talk to Men seminar. What struck me was that every single one of them was happy. They were excited about their careers, and in happy, healthy relationships. The way they talked about men and to each other was respectful and honoring. When i took the seminar, it changed me…it was a welcome change. And it was easy. That was unexpected.” L.V. 11/10

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