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Find Your True Calling

Everything about you, the size of your hands, the shape of your body, the style of your thinking, and the desire in your heart, all adds up to a special gift and talent that is unique to you. When you can see how all the parts fit together you will begin to recognize that there is something you can do very well. By performing that vital function as a service to others you will discover your true calling.
Too many people spend their lives doing something completely unrelated to who they are or what they were designed to do. Most folks die with their music still in them, never having being played.
This is career coaching at its very best.  You will learn to think in new ways and you will see a perfect reflection of your finest qualities.  We will inspire you to go where you have never dared to go before.  Then we will show you the steps to begin a new career that taps into your intelligence and flair.
“Find Your True Calling” is two days of exploration to discover your destiny and put you on the path to a successful, fulfilling career with business visionary and pioneer, Martin Sage, via Skype. For over 30 years, Martin Sage (www.sageuniversity.com) has created  experiential programs that have helped thousands of people transform their passion into their profession and achieve interpersonal fulfillment.
Austin Co-facilitators

Dana Minney, Coach & Trainer,

specializing in entreprenurship and communication skills.

Mei Hillhouse,  Ph.D., Coach & Vedic astrology consultant.

For seminar details or to register, click here.

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