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The Coaching Game

Coaching skills transforms managers into leaders. Effective people skills bring harmony into relationships and lead business teams to high performance. Whether you are a manager, mom, or CEO, coaching can help you impact the people around you in ways you never thought possible.

To lead people you have to understand them. The Coaching Game is a six day seminar designed to radically improve your people skills. A few business people, life partners, teachers or parents have the ability to inspire the people they love. Most folks revert to pressuring one another. This is your opportunity to master the people skills that make you magnetic.

The Coaching Game shows you how to lead other people to peak experiences. If you have your own business, or lead a team, this seminar will instantly help you grow your business and make more money by inspiring your people to high performance. This training offers you the communication tools you need to move people. Our highly advanced coaching system shows you how team spirit is created.

In the Coaching Game you discover how to use the Sage Transformers to transform people. To motivate people you don’t have to change people’s views, or teach them anything. You learn to inspire people with easy-to-learn communication patterns that make people shine. You learn how to win the best players and to lead winning teams by bringing out the best in people.

Join us for a special week and we will show you each step in this game.

Dana Minney

For over 10 years, Dana has been working with high level business people to leverage their strengths and improve communication patterns in their personal and professional lives. She now leads an international team using her feminine strengths and profound coaching tools.

Xochi Hernandez

With her loving, charming nature she opens everybody‘s heart and uses connection to assist teams in reaching high performance. Since she has begun training directly with the founders of Sage University, her life has transformed completely. She now lives on two continents and is doing business with the best players in the world. Now she is in the business of transforming the lives of the people that desire a fulfilling life.

Martin Sage, Sage University

The founder of Sage University and coach who has helped 1000’s of people discover their dreams and take action to bring them to life.

Contact us for more information or to register:

Please call Dana Minney 917-213-6143 or email Xochi Hernandez:  x.sageuniversity.com

The Coaching Game

December 2nd to 7th from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm in Austin

Tuition $600

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