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What to do With the Rest of Your Life

What To Do With the Rest of Your Life is a 2 and 1/2-day  coaching experience designed to assist you in finding the pieces of your life puzzle and to put them together to design the career and lifestyle that fits you. As the jobs continue to disappear, you will be one of those who is able to build your own future.

Every person has something that they can do supremely well, the thing they were born to do. If you find your vital function, and create the support system that allows you to perform that function freely, you can earn a good living, because you will be delivering tangible value to your fellow human beings. But, most people have lost touch with what they love, and have given up hope of reaching that kind of deep, soulful satisfaction.

True happiness is having one’s passion as a profession

Whatever you love, somebody is making a living doing that very thing. Entrepreneurship is the wave of the future. You can learn to earn your living by living your dream.

Your interviews are the most essential part of this course because that’s where you begin to discover unexpected desires and hidden talents. This workshop uses a simple feedback process to stimulate your curiosity, awaken your imagination and start your engines.

As you discover exciting activities that turn on your engines, you will remember what you always wanted to be and what you want to do with your life.

By the end of the weekend, you will know the specific actions you need to shift you into the life you were meant to live. Most people talk about what they will do. This is a course for people who intend to really do the things they talk about.



Friday, April 26th; 7:00-10pm

Saturday, April 27th; 11am-7pm

Sunday, April 28th; 11am-7pm

Fee: $250


Justin Herfel-Justin Herfel’s career path has lead him from being a project coordinator in the world of high finance, to a singer and actor on Broadway, to his current station assisting Master Coach Martin Sage-Creator of Sage University- and learning to lead effective business teams and inspire individuals to produce great results. His flare for training enables him to inspire you..with lighthearted persistence..to connect to your joy.

Robert Jansen-Robert Jansen is a passionate coach for success and inspiration. For nearly two decades he grew his own highly successful company in Germany…even receiving the Innovation Award from Germany’s Financial Times…before selling it in 2009. He has always been a student of High Performance Coaching and Training and used the principles he learned at Sage University in his own company. He now focuses on helping you grow innovative and successful companies with his coaching and training. He wants to win – he wants you to be a winner!

The Sage Method requires precise and subtle training in how to set up a dynamic, vivid learning structure and how to pass relatively clear signals. Over six hundred independent professional coaches trained by Martin Sage work worldwide using the Sage Method to enhance performance in sports, the performing arts, and business, and also to open pathways to better health and higher satisfaction in life.

Martin Sage designed the What To Do With the Rest of Your Life course to help people transition from the job economy to the free agent entrepreneur economy. It is based on his own experience in growing a business. After completing doctoral level course work in psychology, Martin worked for many years with pioneers in learning theory. Martin not only studied theory, he worked closely with peak performers to absorb how they practiced the art of passionate, successful living.

To sign up contact Dana@DanasMyCoach.com


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