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“I enjoyed working with Dana very much. The thing that I use the most out of her sessions is that I cannot take other people’s problems personally. Besides learning a great deal, Dana is a joy to work with. She brings out the best me that I can be.” Jean Davis, GREX

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“Dana helped me become conscious of the things I love and don’t love about what I do. As a result, I was able to reconstruct my business around the things that excite me which has attracted amazing clients.  Last month I actually did 150% of my stretch goal and I was on vacation a week!!! I recommend Dana to anyone that wants to touch base with their passion and make it a lucrative lifestyle. AMAZING COURSE!!!” Brendan Pheasant

Dana’s methods are phenomenal. Project-based learning means that you bring your actual business project into the course and learn while you work on your goals with it. So much more fun and pertinent than a “training” or “seminar”. I have more new appointments on my calendar now thanks in large measure to what I learned in that course.” David Prickett

“Could my past success be topped? It never occurred to me, but the answer is YES! I now have TWO women who want to VOLUNTEER to work with me because my sales team has FUN and they’re EFFECTIVE. I’ve also had six estate sales in the last four months. That’s more than I did all of last year. Thank you! I’m so happy that I took the Soul of Entrepreneurship and Dana’s My Coach!” Deborah Larsen, Amber Ostrich Estate Sales.

“I increased my rates…now I have a team and several new branches of my business that generates income. Dana is very supportive and encouraging to the class members and she is living her passion. She has a gift for the work she does.” DJ-RJ, Music4LifeDj’s

I was a student of Dana’s in 2007. She was extremely enthusiastic and helpful in guiding me in my new business enterprise. She’s very insightful and quick to see what “lights you up.” Thanks to her my fledgling business took an entirely different turn and I’ve had great success and fun pursuing my passion. Betty Rogers, www.BettyRogers.com

“Special thanks to my coach, Dana Minney for inspiring me to live out my childhood fantasy; this would not have happened without you.” Linda Overton

“I was thinking about my journey to the place I am occupying and how much I owe to you for the competent, great coach and trainer I have become. I would never have achieved so much without your coaching and your friendship. You were tough when you needed to be, playful in the darkest of times and instrumental in reminding me on a regular basis who I was and what I had accomplished and could accomplish. Now I am living my dream at the age of 63, with a home base on the beach in the Mediterranean and my job is to travel through Europe and train great people in communication skills. Thank you Dana.” Lucy Egg

“I think the concepts and material are revolutionary.” Eli Sutton, VerdeSystems Design/Build

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