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Entrepreneur Business Coaching Series

YOU are invited to join a weekly Entrepreneur Business Coaching Series…a boot camp where you will receive plenty of friendly, accurate feedback that will help you reconnect with the pulse of aliveness in you and apply it to your income-earning ventures.

When you are living your purpose and doing activities that bring you joy, your aliveness becomes a river bubbling below the surface. Others experience it as your charisma. When you are surrounded by support to activate your charisma by moving into your purpose and feeling joy, you will be able to methodically follow organic phases of business development with astounding results. You will bring the right team members…clients, project partners and opportunities. When this happens, life and business become a game and winning is the result.

In this weekly Entrepreneur Business Coaching Series you will:

-learn the language of play and action, by creating games that stem from your heart’s desire

-receive laser accurate business distinctions to help you hone your perceptions and your thinking.

-move to unexpected levels of competence in the foundations of business…mission, sales, project and goal creation…  through group exercises, breakout session, motivational interviews and take-home materials in the form of the eFormula book: [(joy)(purpose)]²

-feel yourself become part of a team and the surge of power that comes from striving together and a collective will, under the guidance of expert coaching.

Most teachers and coaches are skilled at problem solving and giving advice. Despite breakthrough research in pleasure-based motivation, too many fall back on lecture and criticism. But the most effective learning is with FUN. Approaching life as a game…and business as a sport…inspires people to live their lives as exciting adventures. 

Your life is waiting!~ Call now to register!

Next series start date: Spring, 2019

Time: Wednesdays 11am-1pm

Location: Austin, TX

Call now or register online here 



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