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The Business of Play: Lifestyle and Business Coaching Group

The Business of PLAY: Lifestyle and Business Coaching Group!!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! If you are reading this, you have realized to reach happiness and success you need information, support, and most importantly, a guide.

Most teachers and coaches are skilled at problem solving and giving advice. Despite breakthrough research in pleasure-based motivation, too many fall back on lecture and criticism. But the most effective learning is with FUN. Approaching life as a game…and business as a sport…inspires people to live their lives as exciting adventures.

YOU are invited to join the Business of Play Coaching Group. Take part in a 12-week boot camp where you will receive plenty of friendly, accurate feedback that will help you reconnect with the pulse of aliveness in you.

Your playfulness is like a river bubbling below the surface. Once aroused, it is expressed as your charisma. Charisma is what transforms ordinary people into great players…bringing the right team members…clients, project partners and friends. When this happens, life and business become a game and winning is the result.

In this weekly Business and Lifestyle Coaching series you will:

-learn the language of play, and create games that stem from your heart’s desire

-receive laser accurate business distinctions to help you hone your perceptions

-move to unexpected levels of competence and compassion through group exercises and appreciative inquiry interviews

-feel yourself become part of a team and the surge of power that comes from striving together

-discover how to turn on the three engines of performance: intellect, sensation, and energy

Business, Life and Communication Coach Dana Minney is your facilitator for the journey. She has worked with teams of professionals, families and individuals for over 12 years, is author of “The One Minute Parent” and creator of the How to Coach Your Kids program. She’s lead Entrepreneur Incubators, corporate team and sales trainings, and worked extensively to help teams and individuals leverage strengths and improve communication in both personal and professional spheres.

Join now!…the rest of your life is waiting for you! Your first session is FREE. AND, ask if you qualify to continue to attend for FREE.

Fee: $25 per class or $20 per class w/ up front monthly payment + $20 materials (optional)

If you prefer to work on your own, and want to work at your own pace… starting right away, go ahead and purchase your copy of the  Soul of Entrepreneurship Incubator Toolkit and set up your monthly check-ins!

Call now for dates or to host your own group!  Dana@DanasMyCoach.com 917-213-6143

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